Drone maker Dji announced that it would be releasing a firmware update for its Spark range of drones. This update will be mandatory for all owners of a Spark drone, and there will be some major consequences if the users decide not to go for the software download. DJI revealed that if a user of these drones does not update the device before September 1, their drones will be grounded and the company will not allow it to take flight.

Update for the drone

A recent report from The Verge has indicated that several of the Spark drones in use have been suddenly falling mid-flight.

Although the company has not confirmed that the current update is for resolving this issue, its recent blog post entry indicates the same. The company said that the update is essential for maintaining flight safety of these drones and to also ensure the reliability of the product in question.

The blog post also mentions a possible issue with the Spark drones' battery supply. Essentially, the company stated that the update would address the battery life so that it is enhanced, particularly when the drone is in flight. So, it is quite possible that the company pinpointed the issue as a possible battery failure, which may have been causing random Spark drones to fall out of the sky suddenly.

This issue is particularly reminiscent of the GoPro's Karma drone, which was launched last year and had to be recalled as the devices started to lose power mid-flight and came crashing down to the ground.

These crashes could pose a severe hazard for unaware people on the ground, who may be hit with the falling machine. However, the issue for Spark drones does not seem to be as widespread as was the case for the Karma.

Apart from the safety features, the update also adds other aspects which will be interesting for fans to try out.

For instance, it will allow users to integrate Sparks with the DJI Goggles fully. The Palm Launch function will also be improved so that the stability of the drone is better after take-off. The Quick Shot Drone mode, which controls the accuracy of the remote controller, will also be enhanced following the recent update.

How to get the update?

DJI GO 4 app users will be notified of the update once it becomes available for download. The same update can also be installed using the DJI Assistant 2 software for the desktop. However, the update must be installed before September 1, to ensure that the drone does not get locked out.