Google launched a number of new products at its fourth October event. Along with the introduction of new smartphones, the company also unveiled “wireless” earbuds. These share uncanny similarity to Apple’s Air Pods. The search giant hasn’t made this product available for sale as yet, but they have already been sent for review purpose at leading media publications, including Tech Radar. Reviewers at Tech Radar have discovered that Google’s claim that the earbuds are “wireless” is actually false.

Review of the earphones

While the experts at Tech Radar were reviewing the “wireless” earbuds, they discovered that they are connected by a cord.

If one tries to disconnect the cord, then the earphones won’t function normally. Google claimed that the earbuds come included with the ability to translate languages but it does not take place once the cord has been disconnected. It is not the case with Air Pods or even Samsung’s Gear Icon X. Consumers are able to connect to their smartphones or any other digital product, wirelessly.

According to a report by Android Police, the search-giant has mentioned this on the “Support Page” of their official website as well. They advise the users against cutting off the cords between Pixel Buds. The information on the website reads that the cord is responsible for conducting power and audio signals between products.

If the consumers cut the cords then the product won’t be applicable for any warranty exchange either, the page reads. At first, it was assumed that the cord merely served the purpose of safeguarding Pixel Buds from getting misplaced. It turns out – it has a more important purpose to serve. According to Tech Radar, Google will be launching Pixel Buds for sale in the US markets next month.

The starting price of these “wireless” earbuds is $159. They are expected to be available for sale in UK and Australian markets later this year.

Pixel 2 availability

As far as the Pixel 2 line-up is concerned, the smartphones are expected to be available for sale this week, a report by The Verge claims. The report further goes on to state that Google will officially be launched Pixel 2 for purchase on US carrier, Verizon’s online store as early as tomorrow.

Google and Verizon collaborated, making the latter an exclusive carrier of Pixel smartphone. The Verge further mentioned a Verizon spokesperson as confirming that Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 will be available for sale in various physical locations from 19 October onwards.