Google had held an event on October 4 where the company announced a number of new products. The line-up included two smartphones and two new Home speakers. There are a lot of new things that come packed in Google’s latest smart-home speaker. These powerful improvements – if used the right way – can be a lot handier than one can imagine.

Quicker access to controlling Home

Individuals already have a decent collection of controls to choose from in Home.

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The company, however, has boasted greater control over the product. After the update, users will be able to create routines and ask Home to help them follow it. The latest “Good Morning” and “Good Night” command act as alarms.

Individuals can integrate their own customized phrases that Home can voice out. Owners will also be able to integrate third-party services like IFTTT with the product.

Broadcast a message at home

This is perhaps one of the simplest updates that Google could think about but, as reported by The Verge, it's actually quite fun. Individuals can now use Google Assistant on their Android smartphones and trigger it to announce a message at home through the smart-home speaker. This is especially helpful when one wants to deliver a quick message to someone at home. One wouldn’t have to wait for them to respond to calls or messages.

Settle on a suitable voice

Google has launched a new voice option that users can choose for Assistant. There are two things that one can choose from – “Voice I,” and “Voice II.” The newer one sounds more masculine.

Top Videos of the Day

The first one sounds like a lady talking. Google will continue to bring these small changes so that users don’t end up getting bored.

Deliver queries to one’s smartphone

According to a report by Android Police, individuals will now be able to send queries to their smartphones. They simply need to say the phrase, “OK Google, send this to my phone.” The users must ensure that their Android devices are properly paired to the smart-home speaker. This is functional for a limited number of categories such as calendar, movies, news, weather, translations, and others.

Google to help find lost smartphones

Google has added another feature that will help individuals search for their smartphones. They simply need to say, “OK Google, find my phone.” This will trigger Home to call up their smartphones. The best part about this is that it is compatible with both, iOS and Android platforms. Price of the device is not confirmed.