A recently uncovered patent could possibly provide some insight into Samsung’s 2018 foldable smartphone, dubbed Galaxy X. The patent sketches of the device, spotted by LetsGoDigital (via Tech Radar), showcased the foldable handset’s functionality with bendable middle contrasting to hinges of a standard clamshell handset. The details of Samsung’s foldable phone appears to surface at an interesting time as this could indicate that smartphone makers are going in a different direction.

ZTE announced last week that its Axon M handset would be the first foldable phone to arrive in the market.

The handset will come with two 5.2-inch displays as well as a middle hinge, allowing the mobile device to fold inward. The device can function in several modes, such as the display of the handset can be extended into a wide tablet-sized screen or users can set each screen of the device for a different function. Nonetheless, tech enthusiasts are anticipating that such foldable device is somewhat underwhelming.

Prototypes of foldable display

With Samsung Mobile CEO, Dongjin Koh, confirmed over a year ago that the company is planning to roll out a foldable handset, a number of tech fans and experts speculated that it could be the Samsung Galaxy X handset. While the tech universe is anticipating the specs and features of the Galaxy X smartphone, the foldable handset remains extremely exclusive.

The South Korean tech company has showcased prototypes of a foldable display at trade shows, but there is no solid evidence about the foldable smartphone.

According to The Verge, the patent sketches of the handset showed a bendable hinge, which is similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book. But, the design of Samsung’s device does not come with a continuous foldable screen.

With the Foldable Galaxy X smartphone, Samsung appears to showcase its technological skill and maintain a concrete claim on being the most innovative handset maker without taking the risky move of committing the latest technology to its 2018 Galaxy S9 Android smartphone.

Specs of the foldable smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to roll out with a 5.7 inch 1080p OLED display with 386 pixel per inch.

The foldable device is expected to arrive with a 4K resolution screen.

There’s a possibility that the foldable handset would have a limited 100,000 units at launch. Other handset makers looking to make foldable device include LG and Lenovo.