Sending and receiving money is now easier with PayPal and Facebook. PayPal users in the United States can now send and receive money using the Facebook Messenger app. After starting the partnership last year, there are already 2.5 million accounts linked from PayPal to Facebook.

This new innovation with the Messenger also includes PayPal’s very first customer service bot that can answer all of the customer’s questions, requests for password resets, and help with any payment-related concerns.

How does it work?

Facebook and PayPal were working on bringing the functionality of PayPal to the social media platform for quite some time.

This innovation will push competitors such as Apple’s PayCash, Snapchat’s Square Cash, and PayPal’s Venmo app.

Other than the 2.5 million verified accounts, PayPal and Facebook are expecting the numbers to grow after the news that the new transfer system is already implemented. For starters, users of the payment platform can now send or request money to their friends using the Messenger app.

To use this new option is very easy:

1. Just tap the blue plus icon that you can see within the Messenger.

2. Select the green Payments button to send or to request money.

3. Select PayPal as the source of funds.

This payment system is an alternative to the existing payment feature that can be found in Messenger.

Facebook also clarified that it is not aiming to make its own payment business. This addition is aimed at making things easier for users. It is simpler and quicker, even compared to PayPal’s native app.

Will it be implemented globally?

According to Facebook, about 450 million people in Facebook’s buy-and-sell groups alone are using the PayPal app to send money for their transactions.

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This Messenger integration is aiming to bring in a larger audience. Although it is available for users in the US, PayPal and Facebook are still in talks regarding whether or not it will be implemented worldwide. But, knowing how big the two companies are and how many users are all over the world, especially in Asia, it would not be a surprise if it were to be implemented in other countries, too.

PayPal is also planning to offer a similar Peer-to-Peer option for other messaging apps in the future, according to their Chief Operating Officer, Bill Ready. However, further details have not been ironed out yet.

The Messenger bot, as well as the P2P Payments option will be going live today for users in the United States.