Facebook introduced its new "Explore Feed" to desktop users this week. The goal of the new feature is to show users articles and pages they do not follow but would be interested in. This feature has been present in other social media apps like Instagram and Twitter for quite some time. Facebook reps claim this is just the beginning of "Explore" which will continue to be enhanced.

Late to the desktop

Facebook's explore feature has been available on mobile devices for a few months now, according to Tech Crunch. Facebook confirmed that this week marks the official roll-out of "Explore" on all platforms.

It is easily accessible on the website's left sidebar which contains familiar options like "Pages" and "Events." On the Facebook mobile app is hidden under the "See More..." option.

The goal behind the Explore Feed is to get users to see more of the content Facebook has to offer. It looks exactly like the home page but the content is switched with new content that is unfamiliar to users. The feed offers a look into articles, photos, pages, and videos from sources that the user has not followed.

Targeted content

The content that shows up in the new Explore Feed is not random.

Each user will have different content in their feed that is tailored to their interests. Facebook's new feature uses an algorithm to tie together users' likes with content they would like to see. The content may be specifically interesting to the individual or popular among their friends.

Facebook's goal with their new Explore Feed is to further engage users.

Posting statuses and checking friends' updates can get boring, leading to users checking other social media apps for new content. Explore gives users more to look at on Facebook, ultimately leading to more time spent on the platform.

According to Tech Crunch, tests run on the Explore Feed showed that it does not contain ads.

This is most likely temporary, as all social media platforms aim to monetize as much as possible. The lack of ads could be due to Facebook attempting to get an initial response from their audience.

The feature was initially introduced earlier this year on the mobile app labeled with only a rocket ship icon. This confused users, leading Facebook to add the label "Explore Feed." When asked about the potential for the new feature, a spokesperson for Facebook said it has a lot of possibilities for expansion. The spokesperson claimed that users wanted an easier way to explore content they're interested in.