Apple's new iPhone 8 has already sold millions of units, but that doesn't mean that it's a big success. The new generation's sales numbers have been far lower than expected. While many people predict this is due to the anticipation of the new iPhone X, even last year's iPhone 7 is seeing better sales numbers.

Lack of new features

The iPhone 8's poor success can definitely be attributed to its lack of new features. The phone has a new glass back that allows for wireless charging but makes the phone heavier than previous generations.

Aside from that, there isn't really anything new to make it worth upgrading for.

The iPhone 8 is the first iPhone in a long time to not receive a camera upgrade. The phone's 12-megapixel back camera and 7-megapixel front camera are identical to last year's 7. The only real perk to the phone is that it charges a lot faster than previous models. This comes at a price, though, since the wireless charging pad takes away usability during the charging period.

Another reason the iPhone 8 may be failing is due to its reported battery problems.

Customers around the world have seen their phone battery swell up while charging, leading the phone to basically split in half. The company seems more focused on the release of the iPhone X and has not yet addressed the issue.

Not a competitor

According to BGR, Consumer Reports has ranked the iPhone 8 lower than Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S8. The Galaxy S7 was released almost two years ago but is apparently still a better option than Apple's new device.

The S7 is rated better in terms of battery performance and call quality.

The iPhone 8 received a score of 80 by Consumer Reports. Despite the Galaxy S7 receiving the same score, the site still recommends Samsung's product over Apple's latest release. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 and LG's G6 also received the same score, making this one of the first times Apple has not reigned supreme against its competitors.

The waiting game

While the iPhone 8's new features are lackluster and its predecessor is out-selling it, the phone's simplicity may not be the only reason it's not flying off the shelves. With its annual announcement in September, the company revealed its special edition tenth-anniversary release: the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is Apple's biggest release to date as the body of the phone has been completely remodified. It marks Apple's first edge-to-edge screen, removing the home button and adding facial recognition technology in place of Touch ID. Millions of people are waiting to pre-order it on October 27th which could very well be the real reason why the iPhone 8 is underperforming.

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