Google followed Amazon’s footsteps into the smart-home speaker market. The search-giant unveiled “Google Home” in 2016. A year later, the company was ready with two more iterations of its Amazon Echo rival. At the October 4 key event, Google introduced successors to Pixel alongside “Home Mini” and “Home Max.” As the name suggests, they are compact and high-end versions respectively. The new products come equipped with upgraded features. A new report by Android Police claims to have discovered evidence for yet another Google speaker. The report states that they have found “bits of code” in Google Home’s newly updated app that reveal key details about another upcoming product.

Speakers name

It has been suggested by Tech Radar that the unannounced speaker will be called, “Quartz.” Its primary highlight will be its display. It appears that the next speaker by Google will feature a display panel. Individuals will then be able to watch Youtube Videos, view weather forecasts and a lot of other things through this option. The display will be touchscreen and will work like any other smartphone. The Tech Radar report notes that this isn’t the first time that such a rumor is circulating the internet. Previously – about a month back, Google had been in the news for working on a screen-equipped Google Home. The fans were led to believe that they might end up unveiling it on October 4.

However, that clearly never took place. The company might not have been completely ready for the product. At that time, it was stated that the speaker will feature a 7-inch height.

No confirmation from Google

Google hasn’t confirmed any of these speculations as yet. There is no “conclusive proof” that such a speaker is indeed on its way, points out Tech Radar.

There are chances that Google might equip these features in their upcoming Chromecast. The code is also reported to contain menus and buttons. It isn’t specified whether they will be physical or will be embedded under the screen. The smart home speaker market is expanding rapidly. Even Google’s arch-rival, Amazon is rumored to be working on a new set of speakers.

They last renewed their line-up back in 2015. It’s high time that they introduce newer products, especially given that big players like Sony and Apple have entered these markets. Apple launched its HomePod this year, for a starting price of $399. Harmon Kardon also launched its Invoke smart speakers last week.