With Clash of Clans fans never missing an opportunity to be part of clash royale, almost everyone is on the lookout on what the latest updates are all about!

Yes, you read it right. The latest update for "Clash Royale" is already available for download, just not in the Google App Store. Basically, if you are a fan who wants it now, you can download the APK file. This is because Supercell plans to release the official update in its best form.

Braise yourselves as Supercell releases ‘Clash Royale’ 2.0.1

Supercell will release their biggest update which is Clash Royale 2.0.1 in the nearest future.

Additional features include: Gem and Gold Rush Events (crush those towers!), Mirror Mode (equal chances on decks), Touchdown Mode (less rivers, bridges, and towers for the players to get their troops easier), and the Quest Mode (more players can arrange a rematch, share and gain decks via chat).

Now, everyone has a chance to earn extra rewards at weekly and daily rounds. Aside from the add-ons, Supercell is also making sure that the following updates will fix previous bug issues.

What is the user’s advantage with the latest updates?

The biggest advantage in playing this “Clash Royale” game, goes to the player who has a clan and a friend to play with. The new quests are special because they have a lot to do with interacting with other players.

In CR, two players are better than one.

Now that the game is making it big in the mobile game industry, more and more beginners are asking for tips, on how to have a better gaming experience with "Clash Royale." For those who have been playing the game for a while now, they would say: The more, the better.

First-timers will potentially attack towers alone without risking a lot.

But the longer the game goes, we would see how preferable it is if someone has a back-up of outstanding players. The earliest team-up will only allow 2v2 strategies. If you still prefer to play alone, it is better to wait for your elixir to reach higher, so that you can employ two units of your choice at once.

The excitement continues once you reach King Level 3.

When you are in a clan, you get the luxury of learning from those who already built a reputation in the game. With the latest update, requesting better cards is easier. It is just a matter of knowing if the player you are interacting with is legitimate or not.

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