LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have been making basketball fans wonder if there really is rivalry between them. Irving left the Cleveland Cavaliers a few months ago, which made many fans think that he left because of James' success.

LeBron James and Kevin Love play for Cleveland Cavaliers, while Kyrie Irving used to play for the NBA team before deciding to leave the team for Boston Celtics. Several fans have been wondering if there really is tension between James and Irving.

Now, Love has finally expressed his thoughts about the rivalry issues between the two professional NBA players, according to nba.com

Kevin Love talks about the rivalry between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

“I do not know if ‘rival’ is the right word,” Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers forward player said when he was asked if there is a Celtics-Cavaliers rivalry.

Despite the injury of James, he still managed to make it back as the season opener. The King has never missed an NBA opener and fans thought he would not want to miss this season's opener now that Irving is back on the court. Dwyane Wade revealed his thoughts about the opening game, saying that they might make some mistakes, but they know whatever happens, they will make it through as a team.

"Obviously LeBron is still making his way, feeling himself out, trying to make sure he's healthy enough," Wade said.

Kyrie Irving finally opens up about his rivalry with the King LeBron James

"I am just happy to just start basketball back again,” Irving stated. “It was a long summer, understanding that coming of The Finals’ loss and what we went through." He also thinks that it is time to move on now that the trade has been done.

Meanwhile, J. R. Smith, guard player for Cleveland Cavaliers revealed that he thinks there is no rivalry at all between the two great basketball players. He believes that every player from different NBA teams are just doing what they need to do and that the jerseys should not be seen as a threat at all.

Despite the issues thrown at Irving and James, Irving thinks that the game should be all about the sport and not the rivalry issues whether they are real or not.

“It is just basketball, man,” Irving said.

In the end, LeBron James and Kyrie Irviwerewas seen shaking hands after the final horn. Perhaps, there are no personal issues between the two successful players at all. This could probably put an end to the rivalry issues between the two since they are just doing their jobs for their respective teams.