Following two confirmed reports in Japan and Taiwan last week regarding iPhone 8 Plus smartphones bursting open due to swelling batteries, more incidents have surfaced on the internet. A number of owners found their new handsets bursting open.

CNET rounded up reports of the smartphone'si issue, finding less than 10 incidents spread across Canada, Greece, China and in the United States. Images shared on the web have showcased the screen of the handset pushed away from its body. Some are of devices that have been used, while others apparently new handsets cracked open out of the box.

The screen split opened

iPhone 8 Plus owner Chris Ogden in New York revealed the screen of his smartphone split open after its battery enlarged too much. However, the case did not involve burn damage. While there was a common factor regarding the smartphone bursting open complaints, the case of Ogden stood out. Ogden claimed that while he was charging his new Apple handset using the lighting cord on the Anker Qi wireless charging pad, this could be the first incident where the device had battery issues while utilizing a wireless charger.

According to the new iPhone 8 Plus owner’s account, Apple Store replaced the smartphone right away without any charges. The device was supposedly sent back to Apple so that the company can indicate what’s the actual issue with the smartphone.

There haven't been any incidents of an iPhone 8 Plus explosion just like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. However, it remains uncertain whether the reported cases could be a potential Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Digit reported. If the smartphone's bursting open issue is indeed a legitimate hardware failure on the part of Apple, then more reports are bound to surface over time.

Smartphones' specs

However, Apple launched its latest smartphones on September 22. The smartphones are quite similar to their respective predecessors, with a few improvements such as a wireless charging technology, a new glass design on the back and a new A11 Bionic chipset. Not much has changed with the devices’ cameras, but the larger variant now features a so-called Portrait Mode support.

The devices are available in different configurations: 64GB of storage and 256GB of storage.

Handsets' Price

The smaller variant features a 4.7-inch HD display with 750 X 1334-pixel resolution, while the larger model boasts a 5.5-inch Full HD display with 1080 X 1920-pixel resolution. The smaller model costs $929, while the larger variant is available for $1059.