Pre-orders for Apple’s premium smartphone went up this week and consumers reportedly rushed to secure one for themselves. The iPhone X and its luxury-level price unsurprisingly still had consumers fighting for a chance to be among the first to own the latest flagship handset. However, an updated article on Apple’s support page for the X also shares information about its potential repair cost should the unit gets damaged. Owners who choose not to opt for the manufacturer’s extended warranty could possibly pay up to $279 USD in repair costs. It is likely that the overall costs to own one might discourage people.

iPhone X construction

Apple has always been a brand name associated with quality and it seems that they have manufactured another stunning product. The iPhone X has strikingly shifted back to a glass-covered rear cover (to enable wireless charging technology), which was likewise featured on the iPhone 4 and 4S. Additionally, it was also noted that the replacement cost for a damaged back cover alone amounts to $549 USD for an out-of-warranty unit, according to 9to5Mac. Therefore, it is a practical idea to get a protective case to secure the pricey gadget.

Another option for iPhone X owners is to purchase the AppleCare+ plan for their new smartphone. The gadget insurance option eases the costs in the event of an accident, wherein the device gets damaged.

The company will charge only $29 USD for a screen replacement, while all other problems will set consumers back $99 USD. The total cost for the 2-year protection agreement is $199, which looks like a better deal than paying full price for repairs if ever needed.

New technology and its cost

The Cupertino tech giant wanted to give its fans something different to celebrate the iPhone’s 10-years in the market.

An edge-to-edge OLED display with a small notch that houses their new TrueDepth camera technology is sure to cost a little extra. They wanted to give their users the same security features offered by the Touch ID system but eventually innovated with Face ID to keep the smartphone secure. Now, all that’s needed is just a quick glance from a registered user to promptly unlock their device.

It looks like the iPhone X’s steep price might scare off even the most loyal fans. Some already posted their thoughts on Reddit's Apple subreddit, which ranged from settling with the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus to others jumping ship to rival Samsung. Meanwhile, pre-orders are reportedly strong with most of the allocated stocks already taken. As long as owners are careful with their new gadget or purchased a reliable protective case, repair costs won’t necessarily become a problem. Apple’s flagship handset is scheduled to arrive on November 3, 2017.