Apple has apparently fired one of its software engineers following his daughter's Video of the iPhone X going viral. The woman, Brooke Peterson, claimed that she went to get lunch with her dad at Apple's Cupertino campus before the release of the phone and he had one to show her. She says that she loves vlogging so she decided to make a video showing off the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Bad idea

In her newest YouTube video, Peterson apologized to Apple for posting the video. She said that she made sure to wait until the phone was publicly presented before she uploaded the video, but still understands their decision to let her father go.

She claims that she had no online following and therefore has no idea how it went viral.

According to The Verge, Apple news sites like 9to5Mac picked the video up quickly, generating millions of views. Although she was at first excited about the success of her video, Peterson was very disappointed that it led to her father being fired from Apple.

In her video, she explained that she didn't quite understand why the video was a big deal to Apple. She said that there are many videos from tech events showing off the iPhone X hands-on. The difference is most likely the fact that the video was taken before the iPhone X's images were released. Even though she waited to post the video, her father still broke Apple's rules by letting her film it.

Internet bullying

In the video above, Peterson discusses how she has become the victim of internet bullying. She has disabled comments on this video but claims that she is receiving hate on social media for a reason she can't understand. While she knows she messed up, she said that her father takes full responsibility.

She did not state how long he had been working for Apple but since he had his own iPhone X prior to the launch, he was obviously at least somewhat high up in the company.

One of Apple's biggest rules is no filming on campus, so Peterson's father knew what he was in for when he let his daughter take a video for her YouTube channel.

According to The Verge, another reason why he was probably let go is due to what was shown on the phone. In the original video, which has since been deleted, the Notes app was open with what "appeared to include codenames of unreleased Apple products."

Peterson ended her video by sharing that she and her family are not at all mad at Apple. She understands that her father broke a rule and advises all of her viewers to follow rules whether it be at home, in the workplace, or at school. Apple has yet to comment on the situation.