In the past few years, Apple has turned into more of a smartphone company. With the latest lineup, iPhone X, the giant tech company is now at the center of the smartphone spotlight.

The upcoming iPhone is equipped with Face ID that brings facial recognition to the world of smartphone, and it also pressures other companies to put the latest feature in their lineup.

However, there was a time when Apple put its industry into computers. Now, there are new reports on Geek Bench regarding the upcoming iMac Pro. According to the post, the iMac Pro is installed with 18 cores, and it will be offered to Apple’s users, developers, and content creators.

iMac Pro benchmark

Mac Rumors reported in its post that even though the upcoming device has all the best features, it will not be released until December this year. Still, when it comes to its benchmark, the most interesting part is that it comes with custom Intel processors. For example, the ten Core Xeon W-2150 has the suffix B on the edge, which means that the company would need several of upgrades for iMac Pro to handle Xeon’s heat.

Apple’s eight-core iMac has an average score of 23,536 for the multi-core test. When it comes to the ten-core, however, the device manages to set an impressive score of 35,917 points which is faster than the Mac Pro that has12 cores Intel Xeon processor.

Furthermore, the result is based only on ten cores computer, and fans can expect a better and faster device as developers might create 18-core in the future.

iPhone 8 production has willing to half

Apple’s latest iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 can be considered as both blessing and curse to the company. The bad part of it is that the production of the smartphone lineup has been cut in half due to the poor demand from consumers. However, the good part of it is that fans are waiting for the arrival of iPhone X, even though it will cost them more than the iPhone 8 flagship.

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According to a Chinese website UDN, most of the users cannot see the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, which force the company to cut its production by 50 percent. The upcoming iPhone X is a bit expensive as it cost around $999 for its base model compared to the iPhone 8’s $699 price tag. However, consumers are willing to pay additional dollars for the upcoming smartphone exclusive features.

The report also proves that even though both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 have the best hardware in the world, buyers still prefer a different design from its ancestors. The post further claimed that the iPhone X will be the catalyst for smartphone growth in the future.