Even though iOS has a huge collection of games, the Android market has grown considerably over the last few years. The Google Play Store includes several gaming apps based on various genres such as action, adventure, mind including sports. In this article, we will examine five top games that you can play right now with your smartphone or tablet.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is an evergreen popular Android game, which has redefined the mobile gaming arena. The game includes explosive activities such as running, jumping, turning and sliding. Users will have to move their fingers over the display to complete the tasks like navigating cliffs, zip lines, and forests.

The Temple Run app is designed in such a way to test the ability of the users to run. The latest version includes new obstacles, powerups, and achievements in addition to special powers for each character.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

The racing addicts should never miss Asphalt Street Storm game, which enables users to surf through the top cities in the world. The game features several licensed cars like classic muscle and turbo. The bets included with the app are available in both single and multi-player modes. As a gamer, it is possible to participate in cool races with three real-time players. The app also comes with premium 3D HD environments and cool visuals paired with the natural light simulator.

Infinity Loop

While Pokemon Go was the trending app in 2016, the Infinity Loop has occupied` the position in 2017. The puzzle game revolves around the creation of looping patterns and includes a zen mode. `To work with the app, users need to connect all the lines including corners to create a perfect connection.

Piano Tiles 2

The Piano Tiles 2 is exclusively oriented for music lovers.

The game consists of tiles and users need to tap on the black tiles as per the melody. The game will help users to improve concentration. The music rhythm included with the game is designed to challenge the limit of your hand speed with a special mode to test the skills. The app also enables you to share the final data including the ability to compare with other players on the ranking file.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Sonic is an arcade game and belongs to Sega Forever collection. The game helps you to race through a wide range of levels such as ring collection, enemy defeat, and characters. It is possible to race at lightning speeds over 7 classic zones. The developer has optimized the game for widescreen devices at 60FPS and also bundled a new Time Attack mode. The Sonic app also provides support for gaming controllers such as XBox, Nyko, Gamesir and much more.

While few games will squeeze your mind to work harder, there are games which can be played casually. There are plenty of games available for kids, which will help them to develop skills on their own. Moreover, parents should keep a close eye over their kid’s activities because there are a few deadly games as well. Happy gaming.