selma blair and Rachel McAdams have leveled serious sexual harassment charges against Hollywood director James Toback. In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, Blair and McAdams narrated their bad experiences with the director during the course of a routine business meeting. While McAdams was lucky enough to escape, Blair faced extreme mental agony with the director.

Wrong intentions

In a shocking revelation, Blair told the media that she was asked to perform a naked audition. He also asked her to sit on his bed and rubbed her legs. She went on to the extreme by saying that Toback was a devil and have a sinister energy.

Blair further told that she was not only disgusted but also ashamed. It would be difficult for her to come back as clean after having a harrowing experience. Moreover, she was told by Toback not to reveal this to anyone and issued threats in the form of violence. However, she exposed the series of events before her boyfriend. Blair was again asked to visit after few days but she not only rejected but also asked others not to visit him because of his habits.

Bad comments

Meanwhile, McAdams revealed to the popular journal that she was not physically assaulted by Toback. However, she had to listen to several inappropriate comments during the business meeting, which made her very much uncomfortable.

She also felt ashamed but managed to leave the place immediately.

Allegations rejected

According to LA Times editor Glenn Whipp, as many as 200 women have so far come out in public with various sexual charges against Toback. However, the director appears to be in a defensive mood and rejected all the allegations as baseless.

His agent Jeff Berg, who no longer works for Toback, said that he will pass a message to his former client for a reply.

Possible medical problem

Responding to media, Toback said that he never met any of these women in real life. Even if he had met, it was only for a short duration of five minutes. Moreover, he was unable to recollect any of the previous meetings.

Toback went on to say that it was naturally impossible for him to behave in the manner as told by Blair and McAdams because of medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiac-related problems.

In yet another stunning expose, another Hollywood director James Gunn ("Super" fame) confirmed the sexual assault charges against Toback. Gunn added that Toback used to personally visit women artists and establish friendships with them as a popular director. He will then showcase his articles or awards before the women to prove his identity.

Toback is well-known Hollywood screenwriter and director. His notable creations include "Fingers," " Love and Money," "The Pick-up Artist," "Exposed," "Bugsy," " Two Girls and a Guy," and others. His latest film "The Private Life of a Modern Woman" has been premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2017.