Nowadays, Headphones are available in several models with which users can listen to the audio without disturbing other people. To ensure safety, companies have manufactured specialized headphones exclusively for Kids integrated with advanced features. In this article, we will examine Top 5 budget-friendly headphones for kids.

Kidz Gear

The Kidz Gear headphones ($16) are available in both wired and wireless models. The wired headsets provide support for volume Limit functionality, which will help users to listen to the audio without disturbing ears at moderate sound volume.

Moreover, the headphone also provides a volume control on the wire itself. The Bluetooth model ships with a special cable for microphone functionality without volume limit cable. Even though the company has tagged the headset for kids, adults can also work with it because of the adjustable headband.

Snug Play+

The Snug Play+ ($19) headphone features a sharing port with support for volume limited functionality. Moreover, the headphone is designed using lightweight and durable padded materials with soft earpads. The 40mm drivers integrated into the headphone is capable of providing a range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The highlight of the product is that the volume is limited to 93db to deliver premium audio experience without causing damage to eardrums.

Einskey Kids

The Einskey Kids ($14) headphone is equipped with lightweight supersoft earpads with a foldable design. It includes a premium in-line microphone with remote control. The speakers are made up of dual 40mm high fidelity drivers to ensure premium listening experience coupled with stereo sound. The product is compatible with all major devices with a headphone port and will be suitable for kids who would like to have an exceptional quality sound.

LilGadgets Connect+

The Connect+ ($18) headphones manufactured by LilGadgets features an integrated SharePort with volume limited technology paired with a 52-inch nylon audio cable. The company has set maximum volume limit to 93dB with the help of internal 40mm drivers. The unit is exclusively designed for kids and is light in weight with padded earpads.

The device can be folded during traveling and are manufactured using premium polycarbonate material with SoftTouch fabric.

FSL Protec

The FSL Protec ($12) headphones are designed with the child-proof dial to enable users to set the volume limit. Moreover, the headphone includes three volume settings such as 84dB, 94dB and normal sound without any limit, which will be very high for the human ear. Available in six colors, the headphones are durable and rugged to provide a comfortable listening experience.

The above-listed headphones will help kids to listen to audio comfortably without causing any damage to the soft ears. We also recommend the above headphones for adults as well since all of them provide an adjustable band using which users can easily adjust the length.