Early last week, several rumors were claiming that AMD has canceled its custom cooled Rx Vega 64 Gigabyte graphics cards. However, a recent report from VideoCardz showed the custom chip image, which indicates that the company has already made it happened.

The image revealed that the chip comes with a large size of 2.5 slots with an open-air design while featuring Gigabyte’s signatures of two on spinning 90mm fans.

VideoCardz claimed that reason why there is skepticism around the custom Vega 64 Gigabyte weather it was canceled or not, is because of the company’s miscommunication.

Currently, AMD is in the process of combining its Graphics Cards and motherboard, which need additional time for its developing roles.

The post further revealed that AMD’s Gigabyte Rx Vega 56 GAMING OC is coming soon, and it will hold impressive specifications. The upcoming cards will feature Gigabyte’s original black and red blueprint, which is similar to the RX AORUS 570 and 580 cards. Even though the AORUS branding logo will be out from the Vega lineup, the company would still release triple-fans with AORUS design that are parallel to NIVIDIA’s GTX 1070, 1080, and 1080 Ti.

The image confirmed that the latest cards are using a custom PCB, and has a unique rear setup that was made for three Display and three HDMI ports.

The cards will be available around November this year. However, there is no information regarding its overclock speed yet.

NVIDIA is still the best in AI

NVIDIA latest AI or artificial intelligence is using Graphics Processing Unit accelerators that have Volta-based. According to a post by Quartz, several technology companies from China, including Baidu, Tencent Holdings, and Alibaba, are adopting the AI for their cloud service and data center.

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Last week, at the company’s conference in Beijing, the CEO of NVIDIA Jensen Huang confirmed that Baidu, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent are switching from utilizing NVIDIA Pascal-based platforms to Volta-system.

What is Volta?

NVIDIA’s Volta is the latest graphics processing unit architecture that promised to deliver an extraordinary speed while offering interference and training for AI capability.

Many enterprise companies have rapidly adopted the giant tech’s Deep Learning GPU for its AI in the last few years. The Deep Learning is another branch of artificial intelligence that has a neural network, which is responsible for recognizing and patterns in various data. It can also identify types of data like voice and image.

The previous Pascal-based AI has already led other AI when it comes to teaching machines how to make interference or to think as humans do. Hence, the latest Volta-based will surely have a significant impact on technology’s Deep Learning process.