Advanced Micro Devices or AMD has been making a lot of headlines lately. All the credit for the firm’s on-going popularity goes to its upcoming Flagship Product, the Radeon Vega line-up of GPU cards. The latest set of GPU cards are expected to release sometime between July 30 and August 1 this year. If reports are believed to be true then the latest collection is primarily focused on gaming and is expected to fall in direct competition with NVIDIA’s latest GPU stack. Here’s everything to know about AMD’s upcoming Radeon Vega line-up of GPU cards:

Rumored release date

AMD has organized a three-top tour that will ultimately conclude at SIGGRAPH, 2017 that is scheduled to take place between July 30 and August 1.

The company has been working towards introducing the respective graphic cards for a very long time. The first event took place in Budapest, followed by the second event which took place in Portland. Both the events witnessed the attendance of more fans than expected. The fans were given a glimpse of AMD Radeon Vega’s power when the firm put the processor to the est on two separate systems. Action-packed games such as, "Battlefield 1," and "Sniper Rifle," were showcased as functioning seamlessly on the processing system. In fact, AMD’s system was also put into direct competition with its arch-rival, NVIDIA and its latest set of GPUs. The last and final event, as mentioned previously, is scheduled to take place sometime between July 30 and August 1.

This is when the company is speculated to make its official debut on the market.

Specifications and features

According to PC Games, AMD’s Vega-based of GPU cards are reportedly built using 14nm silicon. Contrary to the on-going rumors, the cards feature a slightly lower-version of RX Vega XL. Furthermore, the latest line-up of graphics processing unit cards also come with 3,548 GCN cores.

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However, these vary in nature. There is another variant under the same banner that comes along with 4,096 GCN cores. It is quite natural that this set of cards will end up being more expensive than the original version.

The upcoming line-up of AMD’s Vega-based cards is expected to be priced at $999. However, the cheaper version will probably cost around $599.

There is another version that may be priced at around $399. The upcoming line-up of GPU cards is expected to greatly enhance the over-all gaming experience. Let’s see what ends up turning out to be true, as the company hasn’t confirmed any details as yet.