It has been quite a while since Microsoft stated that it will be adding Keyboard And Mouse support to the Xbox One. According to a Gamespot report, Mike Ybarra, the Xbox director, confirmed that additional support for the console would still be coming.

He also stated that gaming enthusiasts may also get to know the name of the titles supporting these additions quite soon. The revelations were made during a panel discussion at the PAX West panel meet that took place this past weekend. During the conversation, Ybarra confirmed that mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One is “definitely coming.”

He also added that he is well aware of the concerns ardent gamers have about mouse and keyboard users having an edge over the people using a controller to play the same game.

However, he pushed the ball into the court of the developers, saying that they will keep the things balanced.

Gamers anxious over this addition to Xbox One

Although Microsoft may have decided to bring in this supplementary support for its Xbox One console, the same is also making a lot of ardent gamers, especially competitive gamers, quite anxious. The anxiety stems from the fact that mouse gives much more accuracy in movement than the controller. For instance, a gamer playing with the mouse can turn rapidly without losing his/her aim. However, if the same movement is made by another gamer playing with the controller, the horizontal joystick results in losing accuracy of the aim. Although a joystick guarantees faster movement, it does not give the accuracy rendered by the mouse.

In response to such doubts, Ybarra stated that a lot will depend on the developer’s choice and also Microsoft will “coach” the developers regarding best practices, when the mouse and keyboard support is added to the Xbox.

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For instance, Ybarra stated that players will be given a choice to decide who they want to play against based on keyboard and mouse and controller setup, to maintain balance and fairness in the gaming realm. It seems that the supports may be coming sooner than expected as Microsoft developed "Gears of War 4" gaming title provides cross-play options between PC and Xbox One gaming console. Thus, the Redmond-based firm is already testing the features before rolling them out in the market.

How the player’s choice can affect the gaming world

Although providing an option to the players may seem just and fair from a neutral point of view, the choice may eventually split each and every multiplayer game on Xbox. The split between controller-only playlists versus keyboard and mouse players can reduce the player pools into numerous pieces, lowering the match making speeds. The addition, in general, is a positive thing to bring to the console. However, it would remain solely the developer’s choice whether they want to include this support in their gaming titles.