Google is now pushing its developers to create a new platform called "WebVR." It uses the Virtual Reality which is the key to the future of technology. Even though most of the websites do not support the platform yet, Chrome 61 now allows users to surf the internet without integrating VR support.

Francois Beaufort, a spokesman for Google, claimed that the Chrome 61 contains features that will display the web page in VR. The Chrome 61 allows users to view any web page on the device simply by just sliding the device into a headset of Daydream View.

Hence, even though playing games on VR is the primary purpose of the device, users can now get the total internet experience in virtual reality.

Back in February, Google has initially added support for the WebVR to Chrome. However, Chrome 61 comes with complete support for every web page to be displayed in the VR environment even without any incorporation by the website. Beaufort further claimed that Google would be offering more features to the platform in the future.

WordPress supports Google photos

Google photos can be considered as one of the best photo online services. This feature allows users to save their pictures online easily. Recently, WordPress announced on its official website that they formed a new partnership with Google that will allow users to effortlessly upload images to WordPress.

Users can now incorporate their Google Photos Libraries to their WordPress account. Once their account is connected with the feature, users must select “Photos From Google Photos Library” button on the Media Library in WordPress. After choosing the image, the feature will copy it directly to the users' WordPress account to be used on the website.

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Google is not only working on the photo feature. They also made their search engine is directly available within the WordPress library along with keywords to find related images within the user's account. For example, if the users have an image of cars, they can directly search for it using the engine. Moreover, Google can choose images that are relevant to the keyword.

Google released extra security patches for Nexus

Google also added two additional security updates for both Nexus 6p and Nexus 5X. Originally, both smartphones were scheduled to stop receiving security support after September 2018. However, Google revealed that they would prolong the process until November.