In May, T-Mobile had launched an offer which it titled #GetOutofTheRed, which was basically a clever ploy through which the company looked to attract some of the Verizon wireless subscribers under its own banner. However, it seems this did not go down well with Verizon, and they have been planning on launching a counterattack to weaken T-Mobile’s subscriber base in turn. A PhoneArena report citing sources close to Verizon seem to indicate so.

Verizon’s counterattack

As a reply to T-Mobile’s attack, Verizon will soon launch an offer specifically designed to lure the former’s subscribers to sign up for its own network, according to the PhoneArena report.

The publication goes on to state that the company will launch an offer for T-Mobile subscribers under which those who decide to port their numbers with Verizon will receive a $300 discount on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets.

Verizon will allegedly collaborate with Target in this endeavor. This means that any T-Mobile subscribers who decide to change their carrier will be qualified for this offer. To redeem the discount, one would have to go to a Target store and purchase either of the two Apple handsets. The publication also confirmed that the discount would be immediate at the checkout and would not follow the system where customers have to pay the full amount, and the discounted amount is reimbursed to them over some months.

If this report bears any truth, then Verizon may have found a perfect way to counter T-Mobile’s #GetOutofTheRed campaign. An instant $300 discount for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is sure to draw in some of T-Mobile’s subscribers. Verizon retails the iPhone 7 for $650, which means that after the discount customers will be able to buy the handset at a reduced price of just $350.

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The price of the iPhone 7 Plus is $770, and after the offer, it will be reduced to $470.

T-Mobile’s campaign

As part of its #GetOutofTheRed campaign, T-Mobile offered Verizon customers the chance to port their numbers over to the former's network. The carrier said that new iPhone users and Google Pixel users subscribed to Verizon could change to T-Mobile without having to worry about the remaining phone payments.

However, in return, the new subscribers would need to insure their handsets with T-Mobile under its insurance program, which starts from $15 a month. This plan commenced on May 31.

It seems that the battle lines have been drawn between the carriers, with each trying to undermine the others efforts at gaining the greatest number of subscribers. Verizon’s offer has not yet been officially declared. However, it seems very likely that the company would come out with a similar deal to reduce the damages cost by the # GetOutofTheRed campaign.