Samsung Electronics has put a lot of effort into rolling out its Bixby AI personal assistant. However, the South Korean tech company just decided to let Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners disable the feature.

Samsung released its Galaxy S8 series with a Bixby AI personal assistant. The Bixby button is linked to the tech company’s voice-powered virtual assistant. The dedicated button of the digital assistant can be utilized in two ways - quick pressing it will launch the Bixby Home, while long pressing it starts the Bixby Voice, ready for the user’s voice commands.

The tech company is launching a new update to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users that will come along with Bixby Key page’s new option, called Don't open anything option.

Samsung to launch the update gradually

The update will be launched to users gradually, according to Android Headlines. If a user acquired the new update, they must launch Bixby Home, press Settings gear button and then disable Bixby key’s toggle button. By choosing for that setting, a tap of the personal assistant’s Button will no longer load its Homepage. However, Galaxy S8 users can't remove the Bixby feature, only disable it.

According to SamMobile, not all Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones have received the company’s new update yet. The update’s release appears to be random at the moment, so users must keep an eye out if they have a mobile device with a Bixby personal assistant.

However, the South Korean company positioned its Bixby AI virtual assistant as a competitor to Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa as well as Apple's Siri.

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Thus, disabling its virtual assistant completely would not be in the tech company's best interests regardless of how its device users feel about the feature.

Despite the Bixby digital assistant hasn’t had the smoothest launch, Bixby has been one of the major features in launching the Galaxy S8 series. While Samsung released the S8 mobile devices in spring of this year, the voice control on the personal assistant arrived several months later.

Features of Bixby AI personal assistant

The Bixby digital assistant comes along with smarter voice control, notification features and augmented reality. The Bixby vision is integrated with the camera of the Galaxy S8, allowing users to search for products, find images, translate text as well as identifying places and landmarks. The company plans to integrate its virtual assistant with other apps and devices.