When Samsung released the Galaxy note 7 last year, it was touted as one of the best phones ever made. It had everything anyone could want in a big phone. It was packaged in a sleek, stylish casing and came with a brand name that didn't make anyone think twice about purchasing it.

The Note 7 Fiasco

However, it saw its downfall early when users discovered that its battery was defective. And it was no little defect either; the battery randomly caught fire, which one could safely say is more than a minor inconvenience. This led to Samsung recalling the phone — twice — to get it off the market and to minimize or prevent further damage.

Now, the company is back with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Because of what happened with the Note 7, the company certainly learned its lesson. It led to their development of better batteries and they also improved on the features, design, and all promise that the Note 7 had. Whatever bad image Note 7 had inflicted on the company in the past, the development of the Galaxy Note 8 sought to erase.

Made for the fans

In a review by The Verge, columnist Dan Seifert claimed that the Galaxy Note 8 is "much like its predecessor in that it's an exceptional large-screened device with few obvious faults." It is a much better phone than the Note 7 in all respects, but when compared to phones of this generation, it really isn't that much better.

Still, Samsung knows their target consumers. Never mind that the Note 8 is one of the more expensive phones one can buy today; fans of this model line just want a new Note. They want to fill the void that the Note 7 fiasco left, and the Note 8 is what Samsung gave them. This philosophy in the design of the Note 8 was so apparent that the same article from The Verge claimed that the Note 8 was not built for everyone — it was built for the fans.

Big phone problems

However, one cannot dismiss the fact that it is a big phone, and as such it has typical "big phone problems." The most obvious of these, of course, is its size. Seifert claimed that he could barely fit the Note 8 in any of his pant pockets.

Specifics-wise, it's a very capable phone. It comes with a 6.3-inch Infinity display, a screen technology that is standard on Samsung phones.

The resolution has an 18.5:9 aspect ratio, and is bright and crisp enough that the display can be clearly seen in direct sunlight.

One of the advantages of this big phone is that watching videos is more immersive than on smaller screens. One can also display multiple apps on one screen for multitasking. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers these features.

Of course, knowing that its battery is safe from randomly catching fire also makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a definite improvement over the Note 7.