Google is beefing up the cloud computing capabilities of its Google Cloud Platform. The search giant this week made some big announcement, adding new service and support for more Nvidia GPU muscles.

According to TechCrunch, the Mountain View-based company has announced new cloud service and support. The first one is a new fully-managed cloud service called Cloud Dataprep. The second one is support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs.

New service goes live on public beta

The search giant announced that Cloud Dataprep, a fully-managed cloud service that has been in private beta for almost seven months, is now available in public beta.

First announced in March along with a series of other database and data analytics products, the Cloud Dataprerp is a serverless data preparation tool that helps companies ready their data for immediate analysis or use on machine learning models, the ZDNet reported.

According to Google Cloud product manager Eric Anderson, the new service also features built-in intelligence for understanding and automatic personalization of particular usage patterns. This makes data preparation even faster and more importantly, less prone to human error. The result is more efficient and productive data analytics pipelines.

As reported earlier by The Register, the new service is an embedded version of Trifacta’s Wrangler enterprise platform.

The newly launched service has been developed in collaboration with Trifacta, a well-funded startup that develops and sells software for cleaning up raw, complex data into structured formats for data analysis. Also, the new data preparation tool also integrates with other cloud services, including Big Query and Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Rival Amazon also launched similar data preparation service last year. Called AWS Glue, a fully managed extract, transform and load service.

Adds more Nvidia GPU muscles

Google and other service providers have been ramping GPU integration on their computing service as a way of differentiating their computing services in the brutal, highly competitive cloud market.

The Mountain View company is currently beefing up its cloud GPUs as a way of accelerating computing workloads that utilize compute-intensive tasks such as genomics, machine learning training, geophysical data processing and other high-performance computing tasks.

Google this week announced that it would add support for more powerful Nvidia GPUs. As mentioned earlier by TechCrunch, the company has announced the general availability of Nvidia K80 GPUs on Google Compute Engine this week, along with support for Nvidia P100 GPUs in Beta. Additionally, the company also detailed a new sustained pricing model.

But the highlight of the Nvidia support is that the company is offering more flexibility, the ability to run GPU workloads in virtual machines or containers.

The service is currently available in four global locations. The two different Nvidia GPUs will provide customers the flexibility and choice to choose the right chips they need to run their computing workloads optimally, TechCrunch reported.