It does not come across as surprising that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan have special accounts on their platforms. They are the kind that cannot be blocked by anyone. According to a report by The Independent, the duo has been blocked some times online and thus, have removed the option from their profiles of doing so.

A special Facebook account

Users usually block other user’s profiles so that they cannot view their posts or sending them messages any longer. That option is available on an individual’s profile page, in the “Add Friend” or “Friends” option. This applies to general users but not, if the profile belongs to either Mark Zuckerberg or his wife.

Zuckerberg apparently writes a lot of posts – some relating to his personal life, while most others are about the updates made to the platform. The platform’s algorithm is designed in a way as to push Zuckerberg’s posts on top of the millions of followers he has. Many tried preventing these posts from appearing by blocking the users themselves.

Each time they did, they were faced with an error message, asking them to try the process again. According to CNBC, this isn’t something that Zuckerberg has done on purpose. Facebook operates in that manner. A particular user cannot be blocked more than a specific number of times. If this number has been surpassed, then no one will be able to block the user again. A Facebook representative recently told Gizmodo that the error isn’t specific to one account.

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This process simply takes place when a user has been blocked a “certain large number of times.” It is only on very rare occasions, such as when a viral campaign is being carried out that a person’s account remains immune to this change. There are times when thousands of fanatics might be instructed to block a single individual for all the wrong reasons.

An extremely secured account

According to a report by The Sun, the representative further went on to state that the main objective of such a system is to protect the experience of users who are being targeted by certain hate campaigns. Facebook is currently working closely with this system to figure out the “appropriate” method of tackling it. Facebook is also apparently working on developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can read human thoughts. Although it seems far-fetched at the moment, Zuckerberg is ardent at making his company, the first to create such a technology.