The iPhone 8 is here. Apple is set to unveil the upcoming smartphone next week, and everybody is already excited. Rumors about the phone have been circulating for months now, and it seems that Apple will be packing a lot to their 10th-anniversary device.

Besides its leaked design and other features, what else can we expect on the next iPhone edition?

Three editions and names

According to a previous leak, the iPhone 8 will come together with two other devices; the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus. Now, a new report has confirmed that a different name will call these devices.

The unit is said to have three editions: the iPhone 8, the iPhone Edition, and the iPhone 8 Plus. Apparently, the names were known through major case-making companies, so the leaks are said to be quite reliable.


Another new leak is about the device’s charging capabilities. The iPhone 8 is now reported to have a reduced rate of wireless charging. It is now said to be in 7.05 watts instead of 15. Aside from this, it is also reported to be compatible with many qi chargers.

Durability, power button, and other specs

The new iPhone is looking pretty durable. According to the new leaks, the upcoming smartphone will be equipped with Gorilla Glass 5. Glass 5 is considered one of the best in the market today. With this, the iPhone can be dropped as far as five feet with 80% percent chances that the unit would still work. Other than the Gorilla Glass 5, the phone is also coupled with a much better IP 68 water resistance rating than the previous model.


The power button is also leaked to be much functional than previous smartphones. Before, the power button has been speculated to replace the home button, which can now activate Siri. To add more functionality, it is also reported to be the shutter button for the camera.

Lastly, the iPhone 8 is also reported to come with Taptic Engine 3. This could mean that the smartphone will be more responsive than all previous devices.

The final leaked pricing of the next generation device is still the same. The 64 GB version is still priced at $999, the 256 GB is at $1,099, and the 512 GB will be at $1,199. All leaked information regarding the upcoming smartphone are still unofficial; the company has yet to reveal official details of the product next week.


Apple is set to unveil the 10th anniversary iPhone device on September 12. The event will be held at the company’s all new Apple Park at their brand new home base in Cupertino, California.