Smart devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly common these days, with almost every person owning at least one device. The inclusion of a personal assistant based on AI makes smart devices even more attractive to customers. Major tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all heavily invested in their own renditions of personal assistants. Apple's digital assistant, Siri, offered to all Apple customers, recently showed off why exactly these AI assistants have become crucial for human beings.

What did Siri do?

Many parts of the United States is facing the brunt of the devastating Hurricane Harvey in some form or the other.

For a family who lost everything to the storm, Apple's Siri acted as a guardian angel. Not only did Siri help them out, the personal assistant probably saved their lives as well.

The family was stranded in flooded waters without any place left to go. The water continuously rose and if they stayed in the spot for a few more days, they would have most likely perished. However, thankfully, a 14-year old girl in the family, named Tyler Frank, had the presence of mind to turn to her iPhone and Siri for help. She asked the digital assistant to place a call to the coast guard to come and rescue them.

CNN reported that the girl was suffering from Sickle cell anemia at this point of time and was bearing immense amount of pain. However, thanks to her quick thinking and to Siri, the coast guard responded to the call as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, the first-time coast guards came to the family's house, they left without any of the members, as they were allowed to take the elderly and seriously ill victims only.

Not to be discouraged, however, Tyler called the coast guard the next day again. This time she was taken away from the flooded house and was flown to a safe location along with her family members. It was the teen girl's quick thinking and Siri's functionalities that allowed the family to be rescued.

How is Tyler now?

Tyler suffered an attack, known as a sickle cell crisis, while she was stranded in the flooded house. However, the first responders of the coast guard did not evacuate the family. Later, the coast guard defended its action to a news outlet by saying that the flood had forced it to take some difficult decisions and they were ordered to only relocate those people who were "gravely sick or old."

On the second day, when Tyler and her family were finally rescued, she was transported to the Texas Children's Hospital. She was treated and released soon after and she was reunited with her family in a Houston motel. The family is now contemplating what they should do, as they have lost both their house and their car.