Flagships devices have always been a heavy weight on our pockets but this time with new upcoming almost bezel-less iPhone by Apple will cost you even more.

A recent report suggested that Apple's new high-end bezel-less iPhone will see a price bump and is expected to start at $999. Currently, the current generation iPhone, the iPhone 7, unlocked version will cost you 649$ while the higher model, the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769. Looking at the current pricing of the iPhones, this new price bump is without a doubt significant one over past models.

Apple's upcoming event next month

Apple is expected to launch a large number of gadgets in an upcoming event. The brand will host an event next month showing off their latest creation in iPhones, Apple watch, and an updated Apple TV. You can expect around three next generation iPhones in this launch event.

With all the hype, these next iPhones are expected to crack down the Android market by including one of the most demanding features like wireless charging, facial recognition and much more.

Apple's high-end bezel-less device which is most likely to be called as iPhone 8 will be available in limited stocks according to the previous leaks. To justify this price, the brand will definitely show off some of the coolest features which might be a game changer for Apple.

What's new in iPhone 8?

Look at the iPhone 8 price. It's quite expensive and following the same footsteps, Samsung launched Galaxy Note 8 is priced at $930. Galaxy Note 8 also comes with similar toned-down bezel and supports company's biggest display till now. Look at the pieces, it resembles Apple in a way. Let me explain. Apple's iPhone 8 is going to have a toned-down bezel and comes with the largest display at least for the brand.

But with Apple this time, everyone has high expectations and I hope the brand will deliver on it. We can still deduce some ideas based on the latest leaked specification. iPhone 8 is expected to have some next generation feature such as Facial recognition unlock features. The device will be the first by Apple to come with magnetic induction charging and a bezel-less display participating in the latest trend.

On top of that, it will be the first device to have next generation depth-sensing cameras.

All the above upcoming features literally gave me goosebumps. You can also expect upcoming Apple TV which will support 4K and upcoming Apple watch which is an LTE version.