Apple launched a free app development curriculum back in May which is designed for high school and community college students. Community colleges around the country will provide students an opportunity to learn Swift programming language.

With this language, students will able to learn how to build Apps. Some of the famous apps like Airbnb, Kayak, TripAdvisor, Venmo, and Yelp were created using the same language. This full-year course is available as a free download in iBook store.

More than 30 colleges participating

So far, more than 30 community colleges around the country have participated in this free curriculum offering students to learn a lot about app development.

Previously, there were six community colleges but now the numbers have increased to more than 30. Many colleges are participating in this curriculum. For those who are not in the United States or are not studying at community colleges, you can still learn this language. You can find lots of materials in a section of the iTunes store.

For those who don't have access to iTunes, Don't worry, there are tons of resources floating all over the internet. Just find the one which you like most and start coding.

Houston community college is working on a new iOS development school which is critically centered on App store development. All these free courses will open a new door for people of all the ages and backgrounds, said Tim Cook.

Students who complete this course will have necessary job skills in software development and IT. Even if you don't have any programming experience, you will still be able to build a fully-functional app of your own design.

App developers earned $5 billion

This whole app curriculum is designed by Apple engineers and educators so that students can learn a skill and can develop apps for Apple.

Apple's Swift Programming Language is one of the popular languages which is used by various developers and they have earned a great sum of money doing this.

In the market, the demand for Apple developers is on the rise and with this course, students can get the skills required to become an Apple developer.

The app economy and software development are becoming the fastest growing market and job sector in the United States.

Last year, developers earned $5 billion through Apple's App Store. There is a 40 percent increase when compared to 2015, According to Apple.

So what are you waiting for? You can do it. Just learn this programming language and be an Apple developer.