Lamborghini just unveiled its latest offering to would be top-down super car owners in the form of its brand new 2017 Aventador S roadster. The new supercar from the Italian luxury automotive manufacturer is basically the topless version of its highly popular Aventador. The newly unveiled vehicle sports the same internals as its less glamorous sibling but with a few improvements to compensate for the lack of a roof.

Extreme performance

Similar to the standard Aventador, the S version sports a Lamborghini 6.5-liter V12 Engine that produces a massive 740bhp. The engine gets the roadster to 62mph from a standstill in just three seconds.

The topless vehicle can also reach a maximum top speed of 217mph, which is likely unattainable in most urban roads and highways. Most of the car's future owners probably won't even come close to that top speed unless they are on an open stretch of highway or in an actual race track.

No roof, no problem

While the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S looks very similar to its already popular sibling, owners of the S version can manually remove the 6kg roof and store it in the front boot of the car. The removal of the roof not only provides an open air experience but it also allows owners to properly hear the roar of the powerful V12. For added aural pleasure, Lamborghini has also added a new button that automatically drops both rear windows to increase the amount of noise that reaches the occupants of the vehicle.

Minor tweaks

To compensate for the lack of a roof panel and to improve overall stability, the new Aventador S comes with a brand new four-wheel steering and suspension system. A new mode, called the EGO driving mode, has also been added to further improve the vehicle's handling dynamics.

In true supercar fashion, the company is also offering buyers of the $250,000 vehicle a relatively limitless number of customization options when it comes to the car's materials and colors.

Lamborghini's "Ad Personam Programme" lets users swap the vehicle's carbon fiber inserts, Alcantara interior, and color combination to whatever their hearts desire. The roadster is also meant to be a daily driver as it is equipped with all the creature comforts of a modern supercar such as a full infotainment system, Apple Car Play, air conditioning and other features.

The 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S is set to be released on select dealerships worldwide in February 2018.

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