Automakers are progressing with the advancing technology. Their daily innovations do not fail to keep the audience surprised. Daimler recently introduced its “Smart Vision” EQ concept – a car that is void of a Steering Wheel. With this, the company took autonomous driving to a whole new level. Meanwhile, Jaguar has something else cooking altogether. The firm yesterday took the wraps off “Sayer,” which is described by them as an AI-powered steering wheel, built to serve the function of a “trusted companion” for drivers.

Sayer, a unique feature

According to a report by The Verge, Jaguar has equipped Sayer with the ability to perform over hundred different functions.

Unveiled at Tech Fest of London, it is the first voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) system of its kind. Given its detachable nature, owners can remove it and carry it around wherever they go. It is also meant to enable cars to drive themselves.

The shape of Sayer is not traditionally circular but instead opts for a more futuristic rectangular design. As for its AI, the software will be fed with all the possible lessons that it needs to understand to become an impeccable personal assistant. Users will be able to connect their systems with other devices. If they wish to access online services, the AI-powered steering wheel will be at their service. The gadget also comes with a clipping on its rear end, so that the owners can easily connect it to their dashboards.

The security of the car will be enhanced

The company states that getting into a car that has no steering wheel, can get a tad bit scary. But knowing that an AI system is in control of the vehicle, and will safeguard its passengers without any hassle, comes across as more assuring. Moreover, Sayer also features a computer screen, which makes the transition for drivers easier.

As noted by Tech Radar, this concept is introduced as a part of Jaguar’s “Future-Type” project. The project is scheduled to roll-out completely 30 years from now i.e. in 2040. The firm has long begun exploring the future of mobility in different ways. Sayer is described as being “only one part” of the entire vehicle. The company is also expected to hold a preview keynote address with CEO, Ralf Speth being at its forefront on Thursday, 7 September in London itself. Additional information regarding Sayer will be provided then. It’s safe to say that the future of mobility is fast approaching.