Samsung introduced Galaxy S8 roughly two months back, but there are already Rumors regarding S9 fast approaching. The firm has, as reported by Tech Radar, already begun work on its 2018 flagship offering. Samsung will apparently follow Motorola’s footsteps and integrate its S9 with the ability to support modular accessories.

The South-Korean giant was heavily rumored to finally embed the handset with an under-the-display fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, that won’t be taking place. Prevailing rumors confirm that they will move forward with a scanner located on the rear end – similar to most of its other handsets.

Qualcomm and Samsung will join hands for this one – as Snapdragon 845 (unannounced) processor will be on board. This appears to be the only silver lining in the smartphone, as the firm has decided to stick to its 4-year-old 4GB RAM option next year too.

Availability in the US and the price

Samsung users face a lot of troubles especially with regards to its storage. The 4GB RAM option has been descending since the time Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was put on sale. Fans had high hopes next year, assuming that the firm might foray into expanding its memory offering. Changes can certainly be implemented with time, therefore, there are still chances that the company might change its mind. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is currently available in the US for a starting price of $850.

Depending on this and the price of its predecessor, the handset won’t be any less expensive than $725.

Phone might release in January

According to a report by The Investor, citing Chinese publication The Bell, Samsung plans on introducing Galaxy S9 in January – almost a month ahead of its traditional launch. They are working towards bringing their flagship offering way before the consumers would even get the option of comparing it with others and making the purchase accordingly.

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This will provide them with an upper hand over its archrival, Apple – that usually launches devices between August and September. Its sister company – Samsung Displays, has apparently begun the manufacturing of OLED display panels for S9. A couple of months back, a Samsung executive told the press that they were planning on introducing a “fully-foldable phone” by 2019.

Although it seemed far-fetched, fans were hoping to see the technology on S9. They might stick to the same features as Note 8 as far as the camera department is concerned. There will be a dual lens setup on the rear end, with an enhanced front camera sensor.