Crossovers, crossovers, and more crossovers! Well, this doesn't come as a surprise. All car manufacturers are in it to produce the best crossover, no doubt. While most cater to the middle-class, the society's upper crust is very much in it too. They are not to be left out in any way.

This is precisely why Luxury Car manufacturers are also on the double to have their share of crossovers, which is evidenced by the success of Jaguar F-Pace. Well, this is one of the best-selling luxury crossovers in the U.S., and the best there is in the U.K. This feat is certainly difficult to top.

However, no one's saying it is entirely impossible.

Enter, 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio! Battle of the Europeans right? So, will the Italian beat the world renowned British multinational car manufacturer? Well then, let's find out.

What is unique with the Stelvio?

For one, Alfa Romeo recently made a comeback to the U.S. two years ago. It has been twenty long years when Alfa Romeo's presence was not felt in North America. It recently made its comeback through their 4C and 4C Spider two years ago and the Giulia just last year. Yes, all did well. Impressive actually, but customers are more interested in the crossover segment over sedans and sports cars.

Alfa Romeo took this seriously to heart. The Stelvio may be the answer to every luxury car buyer's demands.

For one, it prides itself on being the Italian manufacturer's best in overall handling performance! Maybe even far better than the F-Pace. Its 12 to 1 ratio makes its steering exceptional and even unmatched. Dealing with sharp turns and curved roads are now shadows of the past.

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio does not come short in power as well.

It is capable of a 280-horsepower output. This is primarily because of its turbocharged inline-4 engine. Its acceleration is noteworthy, going from zero to 60 mph in just 5.4-seconds: pretty impressive for a vehicle this size.

Crossovers are not popularly known for towing, right? Not for the Stelvio. It can also be a mean hauling machine for a vehicle this type.

Again, "for a car this type." This can never be compared to the incredible record of Chevrolet Silverado or Ford F-150 altogether. Those are pickup trucks for Pete's sake. If one were to stick to the capabilities of a crossover strictly, its 3,000-pound towing capacity is nothing short of astounding.

So what now? Can it do as good as Jaguar F-Pace?

Yes, it definitely can. This is if one has to base on its capabilities as a crossover. However, note that Jaguar is more traditional in terms of brand recall. At one point, Jaguar may even be considered a household name in luxury cars. Alfa Romeo has yet to be discovered by many. However, the Italians may want to keep its level of privacy and exclusivity as is.

End of the day, the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio's goal is not to beat Jaguar F-Pace or any other luxury crossover. It may just want to be known as one of the best, whether many distinguished buyers recognize it or not.