Apple has surprised its fans with the massive changes and updates in its latest iPhone. However, the smartphone features a new design, and its Home button does not function like how it used to be. With this, the users are confused about performing hard start or Force reset

A report published in Value Walk revealed the easiest way to perform a Hard Reset. The iPhone users must first press the Volume Up button then release it. After this step, they must quickly press and release the Volume Down button. They must press and hold the sleep or the awake button, which is now called Side Button until the users can see the Apple logo.

After completing these steps, the device will reset automatically.

Apple Wireless charger details revealed

Slash Gear reported that all of the latest devices from Apple features a new A11 Bionic processor, dual-lens camera, and better displays. Its main feature is the wireless charging system. This latest technology allows the iPhone 8 to get an instant charge by being placed on a halo pad. However, the company does not include the wireless charger in the box. Hence, users need to buy it separately.

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone X use the Qi charging system. This means that the latest devices are compatible with a wide range of wireless accessories available in the market. Users can choose any battery-charging gadgets with a price below $27 on Amazon.

Apple also announced that the new smartphone offers fast charging system that allows the device to refill the battery power by 50 percent with a 30-minute charge.However, this feature is currently available only in a wired connection.

The company has also revealed an image of its AirPower charger. This upcoming charger allows users to charge up to three smartphones and gadgets simultaneously.

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus benchmark revealed

A benchmarker at DxO has rated Apple's latest flagship and claimed that it was the best smartphone that they had ever tested. The website showed that both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus outscored Google Pixel and HTC U11’s 90 points. Its upgraded camera is one of the features that makes it superior from other devices.

The latest smartphones even surpassed all the expectations when it comes to the photo and video categories.

The iPhone 8 plus scored 96 points in the photo section and 89 points for the video performance. The updated dual-camera for the latest iPhone also features zoom and synthetic bokeh. With these results, the single-camera phone like Google Pixel is now out from the competition.