Atari took the market by surprise when it announced its plan of returning to the console market. The company announced that it would begin selling its “Ataribox” console through an Indiegogo campaign this fall. According to a report by VentureBeat, additional Details about the console have now shown up online. The report suggests that the device will be available for a price of $250 to $300. Furthermore, the console will begin shipping in the spring of 2018.

Specs of the Atari's console

According to The Verge, additional details about the console’s hardware and software features have also been revealed.

TheAtaribox will be based on a custom-made AMD-powered processor. AMD is also expected to provide its Radeon GPU cards for “Ataribox.” It has also been revealed that the device will run on Linux directly out of the box. This will further be accompanied by a custom-made UI powered by Atari on top. Users will have a convenient experience as the product is expected to come accompanied with a controller.

Along with the potential release date, Atari also revealed what games the console would support. It had already been established right at the beginning of this year that “Ataribox” will feature support for a mix of classic and modern-day PC games. The support, however, is not expected to extend beyond the mid-range titles like “Minecraft.” “Call of Duty” fans hoping to get the game’s experience on “Ataribox” might be in for a disappointment.

More about the device

According to a report by Tech Radar, Atari wishes to go beyond the conventional reach of the gaming market. They plan on doing this through the support of older as well as newer games. Users will also be able to stream videos and operate apps on the console. The company wants to offer an all-encompassing experience to its users.

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The report by Tech Radar suggests that the product has just entered development.

Atari still hasn’t begun its so-called IndieGoGo campaign. Even when the company kick-starts its campaign, they will take their sweet time to gauge how the audience reacts to their products. They plan on introducing the console by spring of 2018, which gives them enough time to bring about any necessary changes.

Atari fans hope that it is not a mere clone of Steam Machine or Ouya 2.0. One will only be able to know for sure once the IndieGoGo campaign is made official. The procedure will begin in next month or so.