Microsoft’s highly anticipated mobile device is the Surface Phone. The smartphone is expected to arrive with a unique design and the tech company has so far published a lot of patents showcasing the possible design of the device. Most of the company’s patents have been about a foldable smartphone.

There is no denying that the handset of the Redmond-based tech company is one of the most talked-about gadgets, despite the fact that the tech firm has yet to officially announce the existence of the device. While the supposed Microsoft handset has been expected to roll out several times already, the Surface Phone is now expected to arrive in the second half of 2018.

Andromeda OS

According to Windows Latest, the tech company has internally tested the Surface Phone with the newly developed Andromeda operating system. The OS is expected to focus on mobile devices. With the Surface Phone rolling out with the Andromeda OS, this could be the company’s attempt to take on Apple’s iPhone as well as Google’s Android.

However, Microsoft’s handset will not be the only device to arrive with the mobile operating system as certain brands of handsets, such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo, are also planning to roll out their new line of smartphones with Andromeda OS, according to Windows Report.

Unique smartphone

It is noteworthy that despite the tech firm being 'mum' on the smartphone’s existence, Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) revealed in an interview last year that the firm is working on a new smartphone.

Nadella stated that Microsoft will continue to be in the smartphone industry and the company will launch a unique handset.

Whether the tech company’s next mobile device will be dubbed the Surface Phone or not, it is still expected to be a foldable device that can be utilized as a tablet and a smartphone. After all, it was the Microsoft CEO himself who stated that the company’s next handset will not look like the typical smartphones currently available on the market.

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With the tech firm’s Surface event coming up next month, smartphone enthusiasts are expecting the tech company to finally announce the Surface Phone. The handset’s announcement would serve as an encouragement for a number of fanatics of the platform, developers as well as OEMs. The Redmond-based tech firm needs to regain its presence in the smartphone industry and that has to be done through means of their own mobile operating system.

Microsoft has long been a contender in the handset universe, starting from its Windows Handheld gadgets to Windows Phones. But, Lumia line-up’s demise led to the termination of Windows Phone.