Apple is just a day away from unveiling its major products of 2017 and someone within the firm has leaked all the important details about them. Popular blogger, John Grubber was reported by The Daily Mail as saying that an insider close to the matter shared URLs of the upcoming products with popular websites, 9to5Mac and MacRumors.

Grubber says he is certain that it wasn’t a mistake but “a deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee. The leak is carrying some important revelations with regards to iPhone 8’s design, camera, and system. Apple has been reached out for a comment on this matter but they haven’t responded.

Here are the reports

Leaks and rumors regarding Apple’s iPhone 8 have been making the rounds since the beginning of this year. The thing with those postings was that they couldn’t be completely believed. Most of them didn’t even come across as authentic. The latest one, according to a report by BBC, takes one to Apple’s official (confidential) storage. Experts are almost certain that it is not an accident but something done intentionally by a disgruntled Apple employee.

“More surprises were spoiled by this leak than any leak in Apple history,” Grubber added. The leak was provided to several app developers, including Steve Troughton-Smith. They were given special exclusive access to iOS 11’s Gold Master (GM) code.

The Daily Mail report states that the code could only be downloaded from Apple’s own computer servers and thus, it had to be provided by someone from inside the company.

So, what did the leak reveal exactly?

The next-generation iPhone will feature something called, “Animoji.” This is probably a customizable set of emoticons.

Users can utilize their own facial expressions and create emoticons through the device’s 3D software. This leads to the confirmation of another major feature – facial recognition system.

Apple will integrate it as a replacement to the Touch ID. Users will now be able to unlock their smartphones by just looking at it. Another aspect that remains confirmed is that the handset will come without a physical home button, and thus a completely bezel-less look.

The smartphone is further expected to feature a dual rear camera setup. Apple has finally opted for OLED display panels (by Samsung) over LCD. The company will probably take strict action against the disloyal employee but these leaks have taken the surprise away from Apple’s 12 September keynote.