If Apple follows its usual schedule, the ios 11 will be released on September 19. After the previous failed attempt from the Jailbreak community, fans are wondering whether the jailbreak for iOS will happen or not.

iPhone Hacks claims the only good news that came from the jailbreak community is that iOS 11 beta has already been jailbroken. At this year’s MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) in Shanghai, a group of security researchers demoed a fully functional jailbreak for iOS 11 beta two firmware including iOS 10.3.2. The post further revealed that it Apple has released other beta versions, and it is not clear if the group will able to jailbreak the upcoming iOS.

One of the jailbreak’s golden rules is that users have to stay with their current version. By upgrading to a new iOS, it might delete the jailbreak along with its apps and tweaks. In other words, with the uncertainty of the iOS 11, it is best not to upgrade to the current version.

What can be done at this time?

It is best for jailbreak users to have a tool like “TSSSaver” which allows users save their SHSH blobs while still have the firmware installed. It also gives users the ability to either downgrade or upgrade to an unofficial iOS until the jailbreak new version is released.

Users have to be careful when it comes to the firmware tweaks. There are several tweaks including Binge that will force the device to restore, which mean that all the jailbreak ability will be wiped off.

Another tweak called “iFIle,” which allows users to delete and tinker file system can also cause a data error, forcing the device to restore back again.

First Google Glass Enterprise Edition

According to 9to5Google, Google Glass Enterprise Edition has a printed “Glass” title on the device while it comes with a model number of “GG1”.

The device’s charging cable is designed with high-quality materials that prevent the users from copper wires. The latest Google Glass also supports USB-A.

The giant tech improved a better audio speaker and dual-band Wi-Fi capability. The device has LED at the front while featuring an Intel Atom processor coupled with 32GB of internal storage and 780mAh battery.

The device system let the fans see battery and Bluetooth status, Wi-Fi network availability, and other options that are the same as its predecessor. It also explained that Google did not make any effort to polish the software nor bring any cosmic changes.