For Apple fans who do not want or are unable to shell out the $699 entry price to get the latest device from the Cupertino-based giant, Sprint is now offering a new deal that should be hard to resist. The wireless service and internet Service Provider has just announced its "$0 a month" promo for subscribers to get their hands on a brand new 64GB iPhone 8 by trading in their current smartphones.

Get with the times

The brand new promotion is open for United States residents that own any of the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung. The units eligible for the trade-in deal includes the Apple Iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, and the Galaxy Note 8.

It has to be noted that the eligible phones are not cheap devices to trade-in, which is why Sprint is also throwing in a $30 credit towards the 18 monthly payments for its Flex lease program. Unfortunately, the 256GB-version of the standard iPhone 8 nor the larger iPhone 8 Plus are included in the promotion. Interested subscribers will have to fork out additional cash to get the upgraded units.

Fine print

Existing customers will need to activate a new subscription, which means that the phone won't technically be free.

Fortunately, Sprint does wave the activation fee for new subscriptions within the promo. As an added bonus, loyal subscribers will be given the option to upgrade to the latest iPhone every year after completing a 12-month cycle under the company's "iPhone Forever" program.

Those who are not yet subscribed to Sprint are also getting a "Clean Slate" offer, wherein the company will cover any switching fees up to $650 per line.

Customers who take part in the promotion and cancel their subscription prematurely will be liable for paying the full balance of the entire plan.

Older models

Customers with older model devices, such as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G6, and other flagships, can still trade in their smartphones to get a 50 percent discount on a new Sprint Flex lease plan.

Once an eligible device is traded in, a customer will be given a new 64GB Apple iPhone 8 as well.

Meanwhile, Verizon is also offering its own trade-in program, which gives users a $300 discount towards purchasing a new Apple iPhone 8. The company currently accepts a long list of flagships that includes devices such as the Galaxy S7, S8, iPhone 6s, Pixel XL, and the Moto Z2 Force. Lesser discounts are available for smartphones released before 2016.