Apple unveiled its ios 11 at their WWDC conference which was held in June. The developer beta version was available for installation almost immediately. The company said that its final version would be available “later this year,” with no particular date specified. Their September 12 keynote just concluded and, at the event, the company released its “Golden Master” build of OS 11. This build is again specifically for developers. The Cupertino giant also launched a public beta of its operating system. According to The Verge, the final version of iOS 11 is expected to be available for use on Tuesday, September 19.

The final version will come void of any bugs or vulnerabilities. Therefore, users are advised to wait until the official version is out.

Last weekend, a leaked version of the iOS 11 software build showed up online. A “disgruntled” Apple employee forwarded the mail to popular publications, 9 to 5 Mac and MacRumors. They pretty much revealed all the important details about major announcements that Apple was expected to make at its key event. Turns out, they were all true. There’s a way through which users can download the said OS today.

Sign up for public beta

As pointed by The Verge, users can simply sign up for the public beta program for iOS 11 and start experiencing the OS. It is available on the company’s official website.

After installing the update through Google Chrome/Safari, users will be required to restart their devices. Following which, they can follow the upgrade instructions and get the said OS functional on their devices.

Sign up as a developer

Among the first set of people that get to experience Apple’s software before anyone else are developers.

One is required to be a registered App Developer with the company in order to get their hands on Apple’s latest products. It is definitely not a difficult task. After registering as certified developers, check and install the developer beta version of the OS.

The latest OS comes with major enhancements and many new features.

It includes an improved user experience. Peer-to-peer Apple Pay system, a revamped Control Center and App Store, enhanced multitasking abilities and more have been included in iOS 11. Apple users are advised to wait until the final version is rolled out on September 19, though. It will be interesting to see the rivalry between iOS 11 and the Google's Android Nougat, stay tuned.