Google is all set to release its next generation of Pixel devices and it is taking an interesting strategy. Back in August, the Google Pixel 2 landed at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Apart from a variety of features, the filing confirmed HTC as the manufacturer of the device. Now it's larger sibling, the Google Pixel Xl 2, has also made the rounds through the FCC's elaborate testing system. While the filing has confirmed some features, it does not give away any major discoveries.

Certification details

According to HTC's application of the Pixel 2, the device will feature Active Edge.

These squeezable edges are similar to the Edge Sensor showcased in HTC U11. The filing further details a function of the Active Edge, which is to launch the Google Assistant. Contrary to the rumors, the smartphone will run on the Snapdragon 835 instead of Snapdragon 836. Also, the bezels are now slimmer with Android Oreo running the mobile operating system

The assigned FCC ID for the Google Pixel XL 2 is ZNFG011C with model number G011C. The 'ZNF' is the FCC grantee code of LG. The model number, on the other hand, is close to Google Pixel 2, which is GO11A. The same model number of Pixel XL 2 showed in an earlier report on Google's Issue Tracker this year. Although presumed at the time, details of the report established the link between the device and LG.

Now, it is confirmed that LG will manufacture the larger Pixel model.

Despite the limited details on the filing, it did confirm the compatibility of Pixel XL 2 with LTE bands. It is believed to be supporting most major carriers. However, since the LTE band 71 for T-Mobile is not yet listed, this specific detail is not yet confirmed.

Should the device push through with T-Mobile, this means that Pixel XL 2 will support the carrier's new 600 MHz spectrum LTE. This is the same LTE band that Apple apparently snubbed for its new iPhones.

Details on launch date

When a billboard came out hinting on Google's plans to launch its new Pixel handsets, many were excited.

A billboard in Boston caught people's attention showing Google's G logo as well as the date 'Oct. 4.' There was also text written at the center that reads, 'Ask more of your phone.' Exactly a year ago from this date, Google Pixel was also launched. Perhaps following the same trend makes sense as a marketing strategy. To put people at ease, Google officially confirmed earlier today that both Pixel devices will be announced on October 4.