Google needs to make sure that its innovations are developed considering people in mind so that these are accessible and comprehensive enough as Al technologies are evolving quickly. When the fourth digital revolution is discussed, the focus will get a shift towards improving efficiency, convenience, and much more understandable technology for the people. But, here few questions arise, what will happen if AI takes the place of humans? Or are people just ignored in this new revolution era? Google is aware of these problems that can arise in future and is willing to address these issues openly.

As it is the leader of the modern era when it comes to new technologies and developments, therefore it is his duty to inform people and remove their potential concerns.

Details of "The People + AI Research Initiative.''

Google has announced a team named ''The people +Al Research Initiative'', this team will study human nature and ways of thinking so that Google could be able to develop systems much more efficiently and 'human-friendly' and that people are not neglected even at the very beginning of the developing process. This team will also observe the relationship between humans and technology and will provide valuable information to build systems that are broadly understandable and usable for people.

Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas are the heads of this team. Followed by 12 other members, this team will make use of researchers from top institutes of the world and mainly focus on following three specific areas.

Everyday users: To make modern technologies much more people-centric, this team will make use of researches and tests conducted on human's behavior and thinking.

Facilitate Engineers: To provide valuable information to engineers and developers so that they can take advantage of these researchers which will help them to make much more user-friendly systems.

Domain experts: As for how modern technologies can be useful for people who are experts in their fields like doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

AI will provide information to specifically target domain experts to develop technologies considering their needs and choices in mind.

As AI will only target specific areas, therefore it is understandable that they can't find solutions to every problem out there. But it isn't needless to say that they will prove beneficial when it comes to making innovation and technologies much more human-centric. Surely, AI team will help to increase the efficiency of systems and will make it much more compatible with humans.