One of the strengths of Apple is definitely to produce both hardware and software, and this is more noticeable in the mobile industry with the production of iPhone, iPad and the iOS operating system.

Google and HTC

Google, on the other hand, realizes the development of Android, the most widespread mobile operating system in the world, and intends to play a significant role in smartphone-related hardware. The deal is official: Google buys stocks of Taiwan's HTC for $ 1.1 billion.

Google and Motorola

The first attempt by the Mountain View Company to have its smartphone production was made in 2011.

In fact, this year, Google acquired the Motorola mobile division for $12.5 billion. Despite the launch of the Moto X line and its discreet appreciation, in 2014, Google decided to resell Motorola Mobility to the Chinese company Lenovo at a much lower price than the $ 2.9 billion.

The close agreement between Google and HTC specifically includes the acquisition of shares of the Taiwanese company staff, particularly smartphone designers, and a non-exclusive license for intellectual property. According to the New York Times report by Peter Sheen, HTC's financial director, the company will retain about two thousand to four thousand employees in the research and development division.

So those who go to work with Google should be divided: it looks like it is the team that collaborated to produce the latest Pixel 2.

Right, the collaboration between Google and HTC had already begun for several years. Big G has been entrusted with HTC's production of smartphones several times, starting with Nexus until last year with the creation of Pixel Plus.

Moreover, now the Pixel 2 that Google will present on October 4th and on which there are many expectations.

The future of HTC

Although HTC, founded in 1997, is capable of delivering the highest-level smartphones appreciated by industry enthusiasts, it is true that in sales it cannot withstand the competition of Samsung and Apple.

It is a company that has taken important steps in the history of smartphones. For example, it was the first to launch a 3G device in 2005.

In 2008 it introduced HTC Dream, the first smartphone with Android operating system. However, what about HTC after the partial acquisition of Google?

The billion-dollar acquisition

The $ 1.1 billion obtained is an excellent source of funding for continuing their business. In fact, it seems that HTC still intends to continue to produce smartphones with its brand. HTC will also focus on the development of the Vive, the virtual reality viewers in whom it has invested a lot in recent years.

However, returning to Google's HTC acquisition should encourage greater integration between smartphone products and the Android system and allow it for partnering with leading companies such as Apple. Will Google this time become a protagonist in the smartphone market? The clock and calendar will answer the question.