An even better software Version of Android has been announced. When it comes to naming, Google always brings something exciting for its users. After naming the previous version 'Nougat', this new version of Android has been named 'Oreo'. The release of the new version of Android is scheduled to for very soon. The new AOS is going to be as delightful for your mobile phone as its name itself is.

Android 8.0 Oreo, a new taste

Android has aimed to refine the entire system with the introduction of 'Android Oreo 8.0'. Moreover, another target is to present improved features to its users.

Some of the major newly introduced features are as follows:

  • The notifications can be dealt with from the home screen
  • Apps can be launched without any necessity to install them
  • New fonts and emojis available similar to those of iOS
  • Special image-in-picture mode enables to view YouTube on one side of the screen and meanwhile, you can carry on with other tasks.

No doubt Android is most probably the most used operating system throughout the world. Along with this exclusive software, this fall Google is going to launch the Pixel Mobile. The Pixel Mobile will have Android Oreo 8.0 as an already built-in operating system. So this new Pixel Mobile will have all the latest advancements that Android Oreo provides for its users.

Android Oreo 8.0: when it will be in smartphones?

All other latest smartphones should also follow the idea of providing Android Oreo 8.0 so that most of the Android users can be entertained by the new features and functionality it has within. WFor the already existing smartphones, it is up to the manufacturers whether they are going to provide Oreo 8.0 or not.

The approval and preference of Android Oreo 8.0 from the manufacturers of mobile phones would help to determine how long it will take for this software to get spread widely. It might even take months for Google to get this software into the hands of most of its users.

Oreo 8.0 will bring advanced technology

With Android Oreo 8.0, there is probably going to be a significant advancement in technology.

We will get to know much more about Oreo 8.0 very soon. Many more services available are likely to be disclosed. The new software from Google is going to be a technological boost in this modern era of smartphones.

Android smartphone users need to beware of fake upgrade warnings as they can be viruses. Keep in mind that if you receive any communication through WhatsApp or social networks to update your Android, do not believe it.