Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a popular technique in almost all the main technology corporations. In recent years, where we saw drones and robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence, there are also various ongoing projects in this field too. From translations like Google Translate to the Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Robot Program, the use of the AI technique has become significant.

Google experimented Artificially Intelligent cars in recent years. Google preceded its self-driving car project with 'Waymo.' Google's self-driving cars can detect any distraction on the road and can drop its passengers on destinations without the need for any driver or human interference.

For the purpose to test its Artificially Intelligent Cars, Google built a whole new but a fake city.

Samsung: The latest player in the AI race

After Google and some other corporations in the Artificially Intelligent cars, now there is the electronics giant 'Samsung' which to ready to join the AI marathon. Samsung announced on Tuesday that they have successfully gained the permit to test their Artificially Intelligent cars in California. Samsung is the arch rival of the smartphone's top most company Apple, who is now ready to compete with another technology giant 'Google.'

Samsung successfully had the permit to test their self-driving cars in May. The South Korean smart-electronics manufacturer will now be testing their luck in a field where they have no experience.

Moreover, manufacturing smarter phones than Apple is far more different than competing with Google to manufacture Artificially Intelligent vehicles.

Samsung is willing to use their unique software and advanced hardware in their AI vehicles. At first, Samsung stated that their project is only to test cars that can drive even in worst and unfavorable weather.

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However, the recent announcement by the smartphone giant made it clear that they are going to put their hands in the pool where Google already knows that how to swim.

Samsung's $ 8 billion acquisition

According to Samsung, they are willing to introduce vehicles to their customers that can make their travel smarter and more convenient.

Samsung purchased the HAR (Harman International Industries) with $ 8 billion bid earlier this year. The acquisition of Harman Industries shows that the electronics giant is about to show its cards in car manufacturing industry.