Rumors regarding Google working on propriety Headphones have been making the rounds for roughly two weeks now. The headset is – as noted by Tech Radar – apparently going to be wireless and will extend support for Google’s voice Assistant. In fact, a product codenamed “Bisto” has been circulating on the majority of the websites. But there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding this matter from the side of Google yet. As first spotted by 9 to 5 Google, the search giant may have accidentally confirmed the fact that they are working on a new pair of headphones.

Company is working on headphones

A new “headphonesProduct Category has been added to Google’s official support page, the 9 to 5 Google report reads.

This section can be found on the Help page of Google’s official website. The company has listed out all the consumer products that it offers. There has been a recent addition called “headphones,” and it even consists of a matching URL. Upon clicking the link, the users are brought back to the main Help website. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Google will update this section around the time they introduce the product. This section was spotted back on September 6.

Pixel smartphones will come soon

According to what Tech Radar has to report, the company is going to debut its new pair of headphones alongside the launch of Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 next month. It has also been led to believe that the headphones will be supported on almost all platforms. The firm is believed to be carrying out this move as an effort to retain its consumers.

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Recently, many have opted for IOS over Android due to many features that Apple offers and Google don't. The search-giant is heavily rumored to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack from its next Pixel line-up, which further calls for a need for wireless headphones.

It's not like there aren’t wireless options in the market that the consumers can choose from. In fact, they are often flooded with alternatives. Headphone/earphone manufacturers like Jabra, Skull Candy, JBL, Bose, and others are constantly creating a better-equipped set of headphones that can complete the mobile experience for its users. But nothing like it if Google themselves manage to come up with something original. Unfortunately, details regarding the headphone’s specifications aren’t known till date. Additional information regarding this will show up with time.