Climate change could kill a third of Earth’s parasite species by the year 2070. While this news may not sound bad at all, scientists warn that parasites are key members of the Earth’s ecosystem and their existence will cause a huge imbalance the life-cycle of both human and wildlife.

The role of parasites in the ecology of planet Earth

The desire to get rid of parasites is expected from humans. While these creatures do not have a good reputation, a novel study warns about the possibility of their extinction due to climate change.

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The study conducted by the University Of California reveals that a third of Earth’s parasite species could go extinct by the year 2070.

Wiping out parasites from the face of the planet might sound like good news.

However, parasites like ticks, fleas, lice, and tapeworms play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. According to BABW News, the absence of parasites will upset the natural balance of the planet’s bionetwork. While these parasites bring various diseases to animals and humans, they play a big role in Earth’s ecology. Parasites are key factors that naturally manage the populations of wildlife. They are also agents that maintain the flow of energy through the natural food chains of the planet.

Earth could lose a third of its parasite due to climate change

The Tech Times reports about the methods and results of the study conducted by the University of California. The research which was published in the Science Advances journal was executed with the aid of the US National Parasite Collection.

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The study also made use of a specialized database of various parasites including feather mites, ticks, fleas, and bee mites. In order to complete the test subjects, 17 researchers hailing from eight different countries devoted years to track down specimens.

The study was conducted with a total of 457 species of parasites. With the use of climate forecasts based on the current rate of climate change, researchers found that parasites belong to the list of the most climate change threatened life forms on Earth.

Results of the study reveal that by 2070, about one-third of Earth’s parasites could go extinct due to loss of habitat. Despite the lack of popularity, parasites play a key role in the balance of life. In fact, an active parasite population is indicative of a healthy ecosystem. Lead study author Colin Carlson warns that impending phenomenon is dangerous and people must act now.