Fitbit – as noted by Tech Radar – has long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch. Ahead of IFA 2017 (Berlin), the company announced “Iconic,” thereby putting all the speculations to rest. The smart wearable packs all the modern-day features one could possibly expect. For example, digital payment technology and a large colored display are at its forefront. The company claims that its lightweight body and waterproofing ability is especially beneficial to fitness enthusiasts.

Price and release date

Fitbit Iconic was announced a week before IFA, 2017.

The company was reported by Tech Radar, as indicating that the smart wearable won’t be available for sale until October. The starting price of Iconic is speculated to be around $299.95.

Display and design of the device

This is the first time that the company has completely designed a smartwatch from scratch. The smartwatch is built using a mixture of aluminum and plastic, which pretty much ensures its durability. The smartwatch’s appearance also gives it a very premium aura. The physical buttons are located on the right-hand side of the device, making it easier for users to reach out to it while in the middle of a workout. Another primary attraction of Iconic is that it is lightweight. Users, especially runners won’t feel the weight on their wrists while they are working out.

As far as its display is concerned, Iconic is expected to feature 384 x 250 pixels resolution, along with an added layer of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 on top.

Here are the features

Fitbit plans to primarily target fitness enthusiasts with Iconic. It features waterproofing ability, wherein the gadget can survive in up to 50 Meters of water.

This feature will especially benefit professional swimmers and athletes. The smartwatch includes a heart rate sensor, which the company claims is way more accurate in comparison to other products on the market. They have reportedly worked out the algorithms, with the objective to provide an improved result. Another feature that will come in handy is its GPS technology.

Users will be able to track maps, their routes, exercises and several other health patterns. There’s also an auto-pause feature, which will stop the recording of data during workouts. Lastly, the smartwatch also consists of Fitbit Coach Application, which is designed to guide the users through their workout sessions. Overall, the device is a good option.