It’s that time of the year again where Apple takes the wraps off another one of its flagship innovations. The firm has already begun sending press invites for an event scheduled on 12 September. Most are led to believe that they will witness the unveiling of iPhone 8. It’s a special one for Apple, as the firm completes 10 years with its device. They will also apparently be seen introducing two other devices – iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, along with the third-generation Watch and a 4K TV. Even though Apple hasn’t provided any details regarding what can be expected from their upcoming products, leaks and speculations are enough to give a vague idea of the same.

Although, the freshest leak that emerged on Reddit, is fake and must not be believed.

The fake iPhone 8 design

An unidentified Reddit user posted a live-Video Online, showcasing “Alleged Working iPhone 8” as fully operational. As reported by Tech Radar, there is more than reasonable as to why it can be concluded that the handset is a fake prototype. Apple is expected to adopt a bezel-less front panel look, by keeping the on-screen bezels minimum and eliminating the physical home button as well.

The handset in the video visibly appears to be sporting a similar design as the above-given prediction. It also features an exclusive cut out space right on top, which is believed to be for its front camera module.

There’s abundance of space towards the bottom of the smartphone, which is believed to be for its speakers. Things begin looking suspicious when the background wherein the video is shot, starts becoming clearer. The dark background pretty much covers the body from view. Additionally, the cut out visible on the top corner of the device can hardly be described as symmetrical.

Wi-Fi and mobile signal icons

There’s another issue with the apparent handset – as the Wi-Fi and mobile signal icons are placed on the wrong side. Apple ideally places these features on the left-hand side of the screen. The handset in the alleged video features these important symbols on the right-hand side. When the home-screen turns on, it can be seen that four dots near the bottom for the widget screen are missing.

Since the IOS 11 beta is already being rolled out, the market has an idea of what iPhone 8’s user interface is going to be like. The smartphone showcased in the video hardly matches any of the features that the IOS 11 is carrying. Custome have to wait a bit more for the official launch.